What Makes the Difference?

olivia1vom haus Torigian philosophy revolves around several core beliefs.

First we believe that a major component to a dogs potential is genetic. This belief drives us to only select German Shepherds that meet or exceed the breed standard. Our Sires and Dams must have exhibited excellence in their aptitude, emotional balance, willingness to work, and their social skills with both canines and humans alike. Being able to predict behavior, regardless of stress level is paramount.

Second Environment, puppies go through many different emotional developmental stages. It is as important to know what not to expose your puppy to, as to what they should be learning at any given point in their emotional development. We start almost immediately from birth exposing the puppies to human interaction. Our puppies are handled multiple times everyday by both male and female handlers. They are kept in a kennel in the house from birth. Which is why many of our puppies are kennel trained if not housebroken before they are 2 months of age.

The puppies are exposed to concrete, carpet, rocky surfaces, grass, both wet and dry on a daily basis from the time they are 3 weeks old. From 4 weeks of age they are interacting with, both male and female, fully grown, emotionally balanced, German Shepherds. Training on basic commands also begins at 4 weeks. The puppies live in a structured, quiet environment. They eat, sleep, play, and train at the same times every day. We believe this consistency provides a comfort level and reduces any anxiety for the puppies.

Finally the puppies’ social development is monitored daily. Being aware of a pups strengths and personality enables us to place the puppies in the proper home.